FERTI.bio produces liquid concentrated organic fertilizers based on bio-humus and peat, which not only fertilize the plants, but also revitalize and regenerate the soil.
Such results cannot be obtained when only using mineral fertilizers.

FERTI.bio cooperates with Aleksandras Stulginskis University, which specializes in scientific agricultural research in Lithuania.
The University studies FERTI.bio organic fertilizers’ chemical composition, physical features and their effects on plants. Accurate field research is performed at the University’s test station.
FERTI.bio continuously tests new products, analyses their efficiency at the Kaunas Agrochemical Research Laboratory and cooperates with the Chemical Research Laboratory of the Institute of Agriculture under the Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry.
The company was launched in 2011. The equipment necessary for the production of organic fertilizers was procured in 2014.

organinės trąšos, gamybinė linija, ferti
organinės trąšos, gamybinė linija, ferti.bio
organinės trąšos, gamybinė linija, ferti.bio